Starting a new business, or want to lift yours towards greater success? We’d love to help!

Whether you’re already finance-savvy or have no idea where to begin, we can ensure you’re compliant and setting yourself up for success.

We have ninja-like abilities in Xero, Myob, Quickbooks, Saasu and many others, so let us help you choose the best software system for you, then teach you how to use it (yes, you can be a ninja too).

Unlike a generic course, which might waste time on features that aren’t so relevant to you, our training will focus on the specific way you will use the software in your business, by using real life examples that make sense to you and your employees. 

We Specialise in Xero

It’s true. We live and breathe Xero. We know it better than we know our own grandmothers (although Xero doesn’t invite us over for cups of tea).

If you haven’t encountered Xero, it’s a cloud-based accounting software created especially for small and medium sized businesses. With almost 1 million users worldwide, it allows people to organise financial data straight from their device. Adopting Xero will probably drop your stress levels and change your working life.

Xero can collect all your accounting information in one place so you can track records and process invoices quickly. There are add-on services too, including payroll, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), point of sale, expenses and inventory tracking.

Take the stress out of bookkeeping and talk to us today about integrating accounting software into your business.

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