Payroll PAYG and Superannuation

If you don’t live and breathe it, payroll and superannuation can be time consuming and frustrating! Your time is better spent on managing your business, so let us handle this task for you.

We have developed a fast, efficient and accurate way to process payroll PAYG that saves everyone a lot of time. Because we can do this so efficiently, these services can be provided at a cost that is probably lower than employing a casual to do it.

We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll processing as well as Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting.

We’ll submit all PAYG tax and reporting and manage superannuation entitlements on your behalf. And if the need arises for late super payment or payment plans, we can organise that with the ATO for you too. Sound good?

Why choose us?

We’re qualified and experienced

We’ve been doing this a long time. If you’re struggling with varying pay rates, leave accruals and super accounts, rest assured that we can easily sort that for you.

We keep it simple

We’ll keep you informed every step of the way in simple terms that are easy to understand, so you always feel in control.

We’re pretty fast

Once it’s all set up, payroll will occur each period on time so you don’t have to stress about payday – the day is yours, so you can shine doing what you do best.

Hand over your payroll processing to the experts today!

Your business needs you.
That’s why you need us.

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